As a non-profit organization, fundraising has always been an important activity to keep our organization well-run and well-maintained. The Branch always has things that need fixing and require funds just for day-to-day operations.

We have many opprtunities to raise funds: Friends of #285 Wall, the Car Show, Dances, Pull Tickets, Lotto Booth Sales, Meat Draws, Cash Draws, Raffles, Special Events the Poppy Campaign, and more. Please help support your Branch!

Friends of #285 Wall

Please contact our Front Office if you would like to make a donaton and we thank you for supporting our Legion.

Any denominaton is gratefully accepted and much appreciated.
For donations of $250, or more, a plaque will be installed on the Friends Wall. For multiple donations, a red jewel is added to the plaque.

History of the Friends Wall


With the help of people around the world, we collect tabs from pop and beer cans. It is the pure aluminum in these tabs, that we are able to convert into cash. We use this cash to purchase wheelchairs for the disabled.

If you would like to help out with this worthy cause, please contact Branch #285. You can start a collection at your home, office, legion, church, community centre, or wherever! Then, send the tabs to us... you can even do it in-person. Tabs can be dropped off in the Front Lobby under the Membership Office window. The Branch will deliver the donated tabs once there is a sizable amount.


A very efficient way to raise some money and everyone is invited to purchase your personal gift cards here.

Let’s make a Branch Cookbook for Xmas Gift Giving!

Please send 1 or 2, TYPED (PLEASE) copies, of your "favourite, family traditions, no fail, everyone LOVES it" recipes from ANY of the categories: Appetizer, Salad/Soup, Mains or Casseroles, Vegetable, Breads, Dessert, Beverages, Miscellaneous to no later than April 15, 2024. 

Please include your name, If you have any photos of the finished product - that would be lovely, too. Or a little story why this recipe is special to you! I, Wendy D, will create a cookbook called "SERVE” that can be downloaded as well as a version for printing.

Price to be determined.