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Poppy Campaign

Paul Hanner Video Clip: 2023 Honourary Alberta Poppy Chair & presenter of first poppy
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Poppy Protocols

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November 2
November 10

Starting in the spring, The Poppy Committee gets started on this campaign.

It requires over 100 volunteers, from our Branch, to go around to businesses and schools to drop off poppies, keep them stocked and pick up money and leftover poppies, or be a speaker at schools.

The official start is around October 26, when the Governor General is given a poppy to pin above their heart.

Poppies are given out and a donation is appreciated.

Poppies became the symbol of Remembrance because of the poem, In Flanders Field, by Canadian Doctor, John McCrae in 1918.

As party of the Poppy Fund, monies are distributed to Legions on an as needed basis by request to help Veterans and their family. Veterans can apply for assistance, through the Alberta Poppy Fund for financial assistance.

Among other things, the Poppy Fund helps pay for our annual Veterans Lunch and Dinner in October.

In order to have another successful campaign for Legion Branch #285 for this year, we will need dedicated volunteers at all levels before, during and after Remembrance Day.

If you are interested in being part of the Poppy Campaign; please contact Marie Illingworth or Pat Lomenda 

Visit the VOLUNTEER PAGE to see the listing for Poppy Volunteers.