Honour Guard

Honour Guard/Colour Party


Centennial Calgary Branch #285 is very proud of the Colour Party/Honour Guard which is present for all our formal functions as well as numerous community events for which the Branch Colour Party’s solemn parade is requested. (Prince Philip Tribute, Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, 100th Anniversary of the Poppy)

Building and maintaining a strong Colour Party/Honour Guard takes a lot of work and dedication. Dress, formation and drill movements are very particular and require practice and attentiveness. Our Branch has been honoured to have had a full regiment of dedicated Colour Party/Honour Guard members for many years. 

You may ask “what is the difference between the Colour Party and Honour Guard is”?

The Branch Colour Party carry Colours. Dress for Branch Colour Party is Legion uniform complete with Legion beret, slings when ordered, Legion Blue Blazer, Poppy, white gloves, white shirt, Legion tie, grey slacks pressed, black socks and black shoes/boots highly polished.


The Branch Honour Guard, the Colours are posted, prepositioned. Dress for the Branch Honour Guard is very similar to Branch Colour Party the difference being the Beret, Members of the Honour Guard are permitted to wear the Beret of past unit/service Navy, Army, Airforce, RCMP, slings are not required, Legion Blue Blazer, Poppy, white gloves, white shirt, Legion tie, grey slacks, black socks and black shoes/boots highly polished.


Special features of a Branch Colour Party/Branch Honour Guard are required as follows:

· First and foremost are the “Colours” (the flags: The Canadian Flag, The Red Ensign; The Royal Union Flag, our Provincial Flag, The United Nations Flag, The NATO flag and the Legion Banner)

· Our Branch Colour Party/Branch Honour Guard is commanded by our Sgt-at-Arms.

· Members of the Branch Colour Party are in full Legion dress with a Lapel Poppy, white gloves and, when required, a sling to carry flags.

· Basic knowledge of drill movements, flag protocol and flag drill will be taught to our new Members, if required?


Parading the Colours is routinely performed for opening and closing ceremonies at Legion General Meetings that are held the third Thursday of each month (except July, August & December) Legion General Meetings, parades, significant community or city events where it is felt that the image of the Legion will be augmented by the presence of the Branch Colour Party. The ceremony is enhanced by the additions of a Piper and Bugler, or on special occasions ( Memorial Service for HRH the Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh on 17 April 2021 - we had a full Pipes and Drums compliment.)


Branch General Meetings: once the meeting or ceremony has been called to order, the Sgt-at-Arms gives the order to "March on the Colours”. The flags are deposited and the Branch Colour Party retires. In the opening ceremony, Legion Banner is dipped during the playing of the Last Post for the purpose of Remembrance, held in the dipped position during the Silence and recovered in a slow dignified manner on the first note of the Rouse.


Our Branch Colour Party is particularly busy during the days leading up to Remembrance Day with a daily ceremony at the Field of Crosses and presentations to senior residences, schools and other Remembrance events, finishing off with Remembrance Day (“We Will Remember”.)


The Branch Honour Guard is requested for many funerals and other Memorial Services. Veterans receive a Poppy, Associated Members receive a Maple Leaf for Memorial/Funerals. 

Veterans, Comrades, Brothers and well-respected individuals, we will always accept new Members to be part of Centennial Calgary Branch #285 Colour Party/Honour Guard.