TVS #52

Hugh Farthing Memorial
Tuberculosis Veterans Section (TVS #52)

Our Branch is also proud to support another special Legion Branch (TVS #52) that holds their meetings at our Branch and offers us financial support.

A brief historical overview is offered to remind Legionnaires of the special relationship the Tuberculosis Veterans Section (TVS) has to the Royal Canadian Legion. The Tuberculosis Veterans Association of Canada (TVA) was organized in 1917. In 1925 Field Marshal Earl Haig came to Canada to urge the formation of the Canadian Legion. By this time, TVA had over 4,000 members and had been very successful in obtaining war disability pensions for respiratory disabled veterans TVS gave the Legion its financial start by providing $10,000 which in the early 1920s was considered a substantial sum of money. TVS also made available to the Legion a number of very experienced service officers who had proven their value in dealing with thousands of claims, and who were familiar with Veteran’s legislation. TVA took a prominent part in the Veterans Unity Convention held in Winnipeg in November 1925 and on 1 September 1926 in Victoria BC the most solemn Articles of Faith were signed by Sir Percy Lake creating the Tuberculosis Veterans Section (TVS) of The Royal Canadian Legion. 

Milestone in 2017 National TVA/TVS celebrated their 100th Commemorative Anniversary - advancing TB respiratory research and sponsoring respiratory therapist education. 

National TVA/TVS and the four TVS Branches (2 in BC; 1 in AB and 1 in SA) currently have fewer than 500 members combined. Membership in a TVS Branch is open to all Legion members as a Dual member. Information can be found in the RCL General By-Laws with special emphasis being placed on the welfare of tuberculous and chest disabled Veterans and their dependents. We are always looking to increase our membership and would like you to consider joining us. We have members across Canada and offer membership dues for the first year free and after that membership is $20.

Hugh Farthing Memorial TVS Branch #52 has always been an RCL Branch within a RCL Branch. We held our meetings at RCL North Calgary Branch #264 Kensington for many years then since the Fall of 2012 we have been holding our meetings at RCL Centennial Calgary Branch #285. For those of you that remember we were the branch that paid for the Wednesday suppers for everyone for two years. We are fortunate to have a Casino and the funds we get make it possible for us to donate annually to Branch #285.

The past couple of years the COVID rules and health regulations had many challenges for all of us. Legions closed, lockdowns and not seeing everyone made phone calls and zoom meetings a necessity and new way to be present. We were able to have the National TVA/TVS Convention in August 2021 and like the Legion Dominion Convention it was held virtually for the first time. Now with new rules and regulations we were able to have four members attend the Spring Rally in Banff and we will be sending two members to the Provincial Convention in May. We celebrated another milestone; the 95th Anniversary of Hugh Farthing Memorial TVS Branch #52 in June 2022.

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TVS #52 Executive

President: Marilyn Bushell

1st Vice-President: Lynn Martin

Treasurer: Dawn Adams

Secretary: Sharon Muir

TVS Rep/Past President: Nancy Frayn

Sgt-at-Arms: Kel Lessor

Service Officer: Stu McCann

Executive Committee: Dixie LeVesconte, Zachary Adams