Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


A lot of functions at the Legion are served by volunteers, such as meat draws or game nights. It is a nice gesture to help out periodically, so we all get the chance to enjoy these events! Everyone is welcome to volunteer – please inquire with the staff or other volunteers if you wish assist. 

The Centennial Branch #285 relies fully on volunteers for conducting the weekly draws, sports programs and executive, Maintenance, Office support, website support, IT/computer support, front office workers, museum, making displays, photography, cleaning, November 11th Service, Breakfast for the field of Crosses, serving, picking up a veteran and driving them to the Branch, decorating, guest speakers at schools, Annual Poppy Campaign and, more.


Contact Comrade Colleen Weitz at volunteers@rcl285.ca

Contact manager@rcl285.ca


Every August, the Branch hosts a Car show on a Sunday. It is completely run by volunteers to help generate as much money for the Branch, as possible. This year's event was Sunday, August 13. See you next year!

Contact hoodsonhorton@rcl285.ca stating what position you would be willing to help with and how long you can help for. We start about 6:30 am and go full tilt until 4:30 pm. It's nice to have people for 3 or 4 hour shifts at the various areas but we surely welcome the all day volunteers, too.

Names will be gathered and an email sent to you about a week before the event advising the day and time for a coordination/assignment meeting (TBD). 


We don’t want our hard-working volunteers to burnout, so please consider stepping up for ONE shift! We like to have a few standby volunteers in case of a cancellation.

These bingos generate income for the Branch. Please watch our Facebook page for updates on supporting the Branch-sponsored Bingos.

If you have an interest in volunteering to assist with the Branch’s draws and raffles, contact:

Comrade Anne Lynch 403-815-3264

Comrade Wes Hurlbut weshurlbut@gmail.com


Approximately every 18 months, the Branch has a two-day fundraising casino Deerfoot Inn & Casino. The Casino nights provide our Legion with much needed financial support.

Thank you to all the volunteers that worked this year's Casino.

Coffee, snacks and dinner will be provided at no cost.

Free Onsite Parking.

Our next Casino is currently booked for July 2025 but we are on a waitlist for an earlier date.

2023 Coordinator Comrade Lucy Precul. 403-667-2756


We have been building a social media presence over the past couple of years. 

Comrade Fiona Swanson outreach@rcl285.ca

The Branch is also proud to produce our bi-monthly newsletter, SKYline. 

Comrade Wendy Dypolt  skylinenews@rcl285.ca


There are well over 150 volunteers needed each year to raise money for the Annual Poppy Campaign. There are many opportunities to help.

If you can help out before, after, or during the campaign, then don't hesitate to let Pat or Marie know.

Perhaps you could sign up with a friend and share the work?

Comrade Pat Lomenda, 2024 Poppy Chair: poppycampaign@rcl285.ca


See the detailed information in this website. These are all volunteer opportunities, too.

Comrade Chris Atkinson, CD, Sgt-at-Arms: sgt-at-arms@rcl285.ca


Those that run the Branch are all volunteers! Elections are every two years. Visit the Executive page to see if one of the positions suit you. It’s YOUR Branch. Help Make a Difference! We will also need volunteers to run the Next Election February 2026.

Contact Comrade President Kent Griffiths: president@rcl285.ca

What can YOU do for your Branch?
Discover your inner event maven! We've scoured the land for a brilliant Events Coordinator, but now we're thinking, why not YOU? Imagine being the mastermind behind A fantastic event, tailored just for you. Pick your passion, create unforgettable moments, and let your creativity run wild. From elegant book club soirées to thrilling whiskey tastings; the possibilities are endless.

You'll have the power to design the date, manage the budget, and be the go-to person for all things exciting for YOUR event. We'll guide you on space availability and budget options, while you take charge of making it extraordinary. We're also looking for a Lead Event Coordinator, who will steer the ship for our current and upcoming events. But it's your chance to become the change you've always wished to see in your branch and just one event at a time! Some pastimes, like walking, don't even cost anything; we just need the organizer!

Check out some of these enticing event ideas:

📚 Book Club

🕵️ Mystery Dinners

🍷 Wine Tastings

🥃 Whiskey Enthusiasts

🚶 Hiking Adventurers

🎭 Dinner Theatre Enthusiasts

🎬 Theatre Lovers

☯️ Tai Chi Devotees

🧘‍Yoga & Chair Yoga Enthusiasts

✈️ Travel Enthusiasts

🚶‍Walking Groups

🎞️ Movie Nights (we have a big screen)

🏈 Sport Team Nights

🎨 Painting Nights

🍽️ Dinner & a Show

📚 Information Sessions (Downsizing, Tax Prep, Fraud Prevention, Estate Planning, Technology Help)

🎳 Various Sport Leagues

☕ Coffee Connoisseurs

🎲 Board Game/Cards Aficionados

🎤 Karaoke Stars

🎷 Jazz Nights

🚗 Car Groups/Shows

🌍 Ethnic Dinner Nights

🎉 Special Events (New Year’s Eve, Robbie Burns, Valentine’s Day, Comedy Night, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Christmas Dinner, Kitchen Party, Beach Day & more)


Join us and let's create magical experiences together.
Be the Champion for YOUR passion!

Submit YOUR name and ideas to bookings@rcl285.ca

and let's see what can happen!

Ladies Auxiliary Volunteers:
Betty & Karen

Cleaning Volunteers
on a break

Election Volunteers:
Mike, Wanda, Sandy & Anne

Ladies Auxiliary
Bottle Draw Volunteers:
Sandy & Wanda

Ticket Taker Volunteers:
Roy & Marilyn

Car Show Ticket Seller: